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                 Robert Wilse Woodward  and Family                


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Woodward Family

Please enjoy the pictures of my ancestors that migrated to or born in Gilmer County, Ga. These relatives moved from Gilmer County to Walker County, Ga in the early years of this century


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Delmar (My Father) and Wilmer Woodward

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William Burt (My Grandfather) and Emma (Burgess) Smith (My Grandmother)

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Brice L and Lennie Woodard

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Delmar Woodward and Falvel Ole'May Webb (My Mother and Father)

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Robert Wilse and Family

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Wilson Cleveland Woodward and

            Emelia "Millie" Blakenship



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Joseph G. Smith (My Great Grandfather)

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Daniel Smith, Jr. and Margaret Isabella "Peggy" McRee Smith

(My Great-Great-Great  Grandparents)


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