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                 Robert Wilse Woodward  and Family                


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Kings Point
Tails Creek
Mt Carmel
Martins Creek
Old Station
Mt. Pleasant

The following families are buried in the following cemeteries:

Kings Point, Chattanooga, TN. - Wood(w)ard

Tails Creek, Gilmer County, GA - Wood(w)ard and Burgess

Mt Carmel, Lafayette, GA - Wood(w)ard and Smith

Trinty , Lafayette, GA - Woodward  and Smith

Antioch, Big Ivy, North Carolina  - Woodward

Newton Cemetery, Asheville, NC - Smith

Woodward Cemetery, Flag Pond, TN - Woodward (James B. Woodward) (NEW)

Martins Creek Cemetery, Erwin, TN - Benjamin Webb Woodward Family