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Martins Creek
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                 Robert Wilse Woodward  and Family                


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Martins Creek Cemetery – Benjamin Webb Woodward

The Martins Creek Cemetery located on the Carolina Extension across from the Fish Hatchery in Erwin, TN. Benjamin Webb Woodward and Lucenda Sams Woodward’s gravesites are located at the back center of the cemetery. Their tombstone is tall with "3rd Lieut; CO A; 64th NC Inf; Confederate States of America inscribed on the stone. The cemetery is maintained very well and easy to find.

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Martins Creek Cemetery

Erwin, TN

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Benjamin Webb Woodward    b: 12/24/1830                                                 d: 5/31/1898

Lucinda Sams Woodward  b: 1/17/1834                                           d: 3/17/1925

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CSA Marker

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Lockey A. Woodward b: 1877 d: 1939

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Rebecca E. Bailey b: 1862 d: 1938

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M. B. Bailey b: 1853 d: 1933

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