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                 Robert Wilse Woodward  and Family                


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Cemetery is Located in Big Ivy, North Carolina

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Picture of Big Ivy, North Carolina taken from the Antioch Cemetery

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James H Woodward's Family Gravesites

(James Henry was the son of Benjamin Webb Woodward and Lucinda Samms)

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Woodward Family Grave Marker

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James Henry Woodward

Birth: May 24, 1851


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Dorcas Alvania Carter

Birth: Oct 28, 1857

Death: I could not read the stone

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Pearl Katie Woodward

Daughter of James and Dorcus)

Birth : May 31, 1880

Death: December 21, 1961

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Lee C Woodward

Son of James and Dorcus

Birth : 1898

Death: 1924

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